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How did we get here? Who is involved? What’s up with this space? Sky Lanes Asheville has a long and rich history. So, here we go:

Sky Lanes was opened in March of 1963 under the ownership of Blue Ridge Recreation Corporation. Shortly after, it was sold the Sky Lanes manager Jim Rickman. Mr. Rickman owned Sky Lanes until 1983 when it was sold to Wade Hall, a local attorney in Asheville. After owning it for nearly 22 years, Wade passed leaving the center as inheritance to his family. They were uninterested in owning a bowling center and the current ownership group made up of locals Jon Sarver, Jeff Moreadith, and Todd Fowler purchased the center in February of 2015. The new ownership group came in and did a complete remodel of the inside of the bowling center, and a complete replacement of the old bowling lanes.

Of the two bowling centers in Asheville, Sky Lanes was always considered second best to across town competitor Star Lanes. Star Lanes is owned by corporate bowling giant Bolero and therefore had funding to maintain all of the newest and most up-to-date equipment. Being locally and independently owned, Sky Lanes did not have the resources to continually purchase new equipment and thus made do until absolutely necessary. As a result, the Sky Lanes has maintained much of its character from back when it was first opened. As recent improvements were made, word began to spread, and Sky Lanes quickly became the new number one center in Asheville for both locals and league bowlers alike. Over the next couple of years Sky Lanes began to increase league play and began hosting monthly tournaments which immediately drew bowlers from the six surrounding States. In the last 5 years, Sky Lanes has become one of the top retro bowling centers in the Southeast bowling region with the biggest accomplishment being the hosting of a PBA event in August of 2019, making us the first bowling center in Asheville to have ever hosted a PBA event.